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Your Checklist For Less Stressful Mornings

Your Checklist For Less Stressful Mornings

Your Checklist For Less Stressful Mornings

Scrambled eggs burning in a skillet; kids ransacking the house in search of missing shoes and homework; rushed conversations with your spouse about conflicting schedules. … Mornings can bring a whirlwind of activity that generates a lot of stress.

How do you keep from feeling dizzy and exhausted before breakfast? Start by making a checklist. Lists can’t solve all of life’s challenges (it pains me to admit this), but they certainly work for some. And I happen to have one that can transform your mornings:

The Night Before

Make lunch: I know, I know, you’ve finished dinner and washed the dishes and the last thing you want to do is prepare more food and clean up again. Do it anyway. You won’t feel like making lunches tomorrow morning either! But at least they’ll be packed, ready, and waiting in your lunch bag.

Think ahead: What’s on tomorrow’s schedule? Is there anything out of the ordinary that requires special attention or gear (such as soccer practice)? If so, load the trunk of your car now. Check in with your kids—they often forget to tell you about almost everything.

Choose your clothes: This sounds so straightforward, but it makes mornings simpler. You may discover a stain on a skirt or a missing button on a sweater. Even better, you’ll have time to fix it or find an alternative without the distraction of barking dogs and ringing phones in the morning.

Make a list: Better yet, make two or three. Write one list of the “must-do’s” and another of the “would-be-nice’s” to help guide your day.

In the AM

Eat a healthy breakfast: Even though your agenda is to get everyone out the door, stopping to eat a nutritious meal can boost your energy and brighten your mind-set. It only takes three minutes to make a fruit-and-veggie smoothie that you can guzzle in the car.

Check your lists: Refresh your memory for what’s on tap for the day. Heading to the supermarket after work? Have your kids text you their grocery list before school’s out.

Take a few moments to breathe: Watch the sun rise. Read a page or two in an inspirational book. Do a few yoga poses near your aromatherapy diffuser. Then, start your day with a positive attitude.

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