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When we were cute and little!

When we were cute and little!

When we were cute and little!

Happy Birthday AND anniversary

Thanks for sharing the pictures and this video!

We had a similar issue. We had a fountain under our cake and part of the wedding cake fell into the fountain. LOL! The Aunts were quick with extra frosting and fixed it the best they could before the reception.

Oh my! Good thing they were able to kinda fix it. One of the kitchen help picked up the floral topper and put it on top of the remaining cake. There were many people who didn’t even realize it fell.

OH my goodness! I would have had a cow!! THe singing is lovely though – and your pictures are gorgeous!

Weddings are so special! I like seeing people’s wedding pics.

What made your cake tilt?!

Why do I always get emotional looking at beautiful things like these?!

Kendra, I would have been beyond myself. Glad the staff was able to make things look right for you. Was there enough to serve everyone? LOL Always thinking about food, I am…..

I love your blog–your stories are always so uplifting. Happy birthday and anniversary. I remember in your other post that you said you never thought you’d marry a blonde haired guy but a dark haired guy. It made me laugh out loud because my man has dark hair but I always thought I’d marry a blonde haired guy! I wonder what the lesson is in that. Just thought I’d share. God bless!

I’m glad you enjoy my blog dear.

And I do think the lord has a funny sense of humor because hubby always thought he would marry a blonde! !!

interesting note-my hubby didn’t like blondes…until we started dating

Oh sheesh! I would have totally freaked if my cake fell like that . Interesting to see your video and wedding pics though. Thanks for sharing!

Oh no…there it goes! LOLOLOL!!! You looked beautiful on your wedding day!

thanks for sharing!!! i’ve been waiting all month for this Happy Birthday!!! (it’s still before midnight here!) I hope you’re day’s been fantastic!!! Have an awesome weekend!!!

Beautiful! At our wedding, I was concerned our candles were dripping on the historic church floor. We were told to buy drip less candles but could not find. Wew married at The Little Church of La Vieta in San Antonio tx on the river walk. I look positively preoccupied with those candles in the video.

Another thing was the tourists who had lined up outside and applauded as we left the church. That was cool. I feel my wedding is something I have looked back on during our 25 years to remember our foundation is God, our commitment, what we promised to God and each other.

That’s awesome! I’m assuming the candles didn’t drip to bad?

We had a wedding video mishap as well. I’m still not over it!!! Too funny how much we have in common.

Love the photos!! Have a happy day!

Happy Birthday & Anniversary! So sorry about the cake…, but something you probably giggle about now! Enjoy your day… ~ jodie

We giggled then too. What else could we do!

Weyyy, a bit too late to be saying Happy anniversary! Our mishap was on our honeymoon. I was flat in bed for the entire honeymoon!

Oh no! That would be such a bummer

It was, but when you have a wonderful and loving wife, it just makes for interesting conversation afterwards.

I thought I would share some wedding photos with you guys, AND at the bottom is a short video. I think you will likee!

We were certainly cute as kids! This was sitting on the table with the Guest Book.

When we were cute and little!

Our wedding cake, before the unfortunate mishap. My MIL made it and I loved how it turned out!

Wedding Cake

I love this photo of myself.

Here are Jason and his groomsmen. Yeah, they are goofy like that.

Jason and the boys

Myself and my bridesmaids.

Kendra and the girls

And some photos of Jason and I.

I love that photo, it was taken at the farm where I grew up. Stamy 08

So now that you have suffered through the wedding photos, here is the wedding fail/video I promised!

Didja see it?

Read the Full Love Story Series!

Original article and pictures take http://aproverbs31wife.com/happy-birthday-and-anniversary-to-me site

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