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Tomatoes - a tasty garden treat

Tomatoes - a tasty garden treat

Tomatoes - a tasty garden treat

Absolutely nothing tastes better than a warm, home grown, vine-ripened tomato on fresh-baked bread! Easily raised in the home garden, or even on the patio, tomatoes produce heavy crops in small areas.

With dozens of varieties of tomatoes available to the home gardener, your choice will depend on what you want from your plants, as well as on which varieties grow best in your region.

In localities with a relatively early fall frost and short growing season, pick tomatoes developed for early maturation.

If you love tomatoes, but find them acidic, there are now low-acid varieties available just for you.

As well, there are special tomatoes suitable for slicing, canning and freezing; small tomatoes for patio and container planting, late maturing tomatoes, and yet others which make good ketchups and sauces.

So choose a selection of tomato varieties that appeal to your senses. There are so many shapes, colors and flavours available. Tell us which is your favourite. And be sure to browse through this site for all kinds of tips on how to grow tomato plants, what to do about pests and diseases, and how to cook up your bountiful harvest into great-tasting recipes.

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