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Spending Quality Time While Doing the Ordinary

Spending Quality Time While Doing the Ordinary

Spending Quality Time While Doing the Ordinary

Well, as a toddler’s very busy mom, although mom of only one, I can’t relate a bit. I have been including my daughter on everyday chores, and she is so willing to help and happy to be closer to mommy! Whether is grocery shopping (which we usually do together), folding laundry or mopping the floor, which she specially loves, we do a bunch of stuff together which had to be done anyway, while she feels closer to me. Win-win.

I am curious about those Lil’ Beanies. I haven’t seen them in Brazil, where the interest for healthier snacks is still very superficial and maybe they don’t have a good market for those. I’ll take a look though. Maybe I can try to reach Gerber’s customer dept to get some info on whether they distribute them here.

Thank you for the review!

With just one child it was pretty easy to do everything together, adding a second one is when we started having a challenge. And I’m sure adding more will just add to the challenge even more.

I’m not sure where the Lil’ Beanies are all sold, I do know they are a newer product here though.

i have two toddlers in the age of 4 and 3. they are old enough to help while i am cooking or clean up the house. they help in the garden and the best they can play together if you do not want it quiet

This beans your writing about every mom in germany is knowing. they are perfect to take with you to playground or on walk. when my boys were smaller i had a packet in my pocket every time

That’s great that you found something to do with just your toddler. My youngest son goes with me on my walks a few days a week so we can have some time together. My teenage daughter and I find time to talk, and my 20 year old son and I watch NASCAR together. So, you’re right you can find quality time in the ordinary.

Such a good reminder to make the most of each day with your kids. I have three kids and try to spend one on one time with them often. It keeps us connected. Sometimes I get caught up in doing something “special” when all they want is my time. Thanks for the reminder.

Spending quality time with each of my babies is important. But it’s often hard. And I only have 2 kids. Malachi is easy enough, he needs my constant care so he gets lots of “mommy time”, but it’s a little harder with the toddler.

Problem is, I cannot always do anything special with just my toddler. We read books, but baby is taking most of the attention. We take walks, but baby faces mommy, and toddler faces forward.

I know Kolton misses his “Kolton/Mommy time” and he turns whiney and needy as a result. I’ve been trying to find ways to spend time with just him when baby doesn’t need me and like most problems, the solution was staring me right in the face.

Spending Quality Time with My Toddler

Grocery trips with kids in tow, isn’t my idea of fun so I typically wait for a night that Jason gets home at a decent time and I leave him with the boys while I enjoy a leisurely stroll through the grocery store.

However, I was assigned a sponsored post for Gerber and part of it included my going to Kroger to find and buy Gerber’s new “lil’ beanies” toddler snacks. This was for Kolton so I decided to bring him with me.

It was SO much FUN! Made me think of the Little Critters book “Just My Mommy and Me”.

I put him in the cart, and he held my list for me, helped me decide which dog treats to buy for Ted, passed groceries to the back of the cart, and pulled things off the shelf at my command.

Honestly, it was a lot of fun! He’s at an age where he can actually be helpful, and without the baby along, I had the ability to give him the attention he needs while still accomplishing what needed done.

Since the lil’ beanies were for him, I let him hang onto them and he tried his best to open them right there in the store. To be honest, if I had given him just a few more minutes, he would’ve had them open!

This child of mine isn’t a fan of broccoli, but after seeing him eat the broccoli lil’ beanies with gusto, I’m guessing it’s the texture of broccoli that he didn’t like.

A bit of information on Lil’ Beanies.

Made from Navy beans, these snacks contain 2 grams of protein and 1 gram of fiber per serving. Best of all this is a snack free of genetically engineered ingredients which is something we try very hard to avoid eating.

Since my son needs to eat wheat free, snack times are a bit of a challenge. Especially since he is a late teether and just got all his 1yr molars in at 22 months. I love that the Gerber Lil’ Beanies are easy for him to eat.

I’m also guessing that they are very filling. He eats a regular serving size of them and is satisfied. Naturally that makes me pretty happy too!

Besides chocolate (don’t judge! lol) his new favorite snack is “mop-morn”. And with a texture similar to popped corn, it’s not a surprise that’s what he calls them.

Our little trip to Kroger was a good lesson for me. Spending quality time with my toddler doesn’t require us doing something special together. It just requires us doing something, even the ordinary together.

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