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peach pepper

peach pepper

peach pepper

Never had this kind of Jelly before. I would definitely try it though.

Katherine G recently posted..Wordless Wednesday

Hi Katherine,

The peach pepper jelly is great on meat or as an appetizer! I just poor some of the jelly over cream cheese and it makes a great dip! Have a good weekend!

Hi Renae! I love this recipe, but I don’t need 7 half pints! lol. Is there a way to convert the ingredients down to where I need them (I’m only making 2 PINTS). This will make a great Christmas gift for my father and brother in laws that LOVE hot stuff!

Also, is there another process aside from a water bath canner? I have a stove top and pot, I have a large crockpot, and I have a sink that can obviously hold hot water.

Hi Malinda,

You could try cutting the recipe in half and that would make almost 2 pints (7 half pints is just 3 pints and one half pint). A water bath canner is only necessary if you want a shelf stable item. If you are planning on eating it within a week or two, it will be fine stored in the fridge. Otherwise, a very large pot could work as long as it covered the jars completely. You want to bowl the jars for 10 minutes to create a vacuum seal in order to be shelf stable. Hope that helps!

Is this jelly supposed to be thin? I followed the recipe and used the Liquid Pectin but after 14 hours sitting on my table it still looks thin/moves around in jar. Im not sure what I did wrong, but it is my first time using the Liquid Pectin

Hi Jackie,

When I made the peach pepper jelly it was thick. I did use the liquid pectin. Usually if a jelly doesn’t set it is due to the ingredient measurement being slightly off or not boiled long enough. Here is some more information and some tips on fixing it! Good luck!



Thank you so much . I will see if this helps. I cant wait to try the finished product :)

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Levi recently posted..Levi

This jelly did not set up, way to thin. Followed directions exactly:( disappointing

Sorry to hear that Stacy. There are several reasons that jelly doesn’t set. Here is a link that might help you out. http://www.ehow.com/how_8144454_fix-canned-did-not-set.html


So I tried pepper jelly that had pineapple in it. It was so good with cream cheese. So how much pineapple would you suggest using in your recipe. Thanks!

Hi LaDonna,

Sorry for the late reply. I’m not certain how much pineapple you would use. With canning recipes, it’s important to keep the ingredients in check so that they preserve properly. Therefore, I’m not comfortable making a substitution recommendation. Maybe google a pineapple pepper jelly recipe. Good luck!


Made this and it was delicious. Used all red jalapenos and bells for an extra bright color. I know from making jalapeno jelly from another recipe that if you throw all the jalapenos and vinegar in a food processor and pulse it about ten times, it chops it up beautifully. Doesn’t work as well for the bells, though. Saves a ton of time!

Oh My!!! This recipe is amazing!!!!! Thank you so much for sharing! I am in love and will be making this many many times

peach pepper

We had a surplus of peppers in the garden so I decided to give pepper jelly a try. Our local orchard had beautiful peaches that I thought would complement the peppers well. This turned out to be a wonderful sweet and sour jelly with a little spice. It perfect served over cream cheese with a side of crackers!

Isn’t it pretty?! This jelly will make great little Christmas gifts!

Make sure you check out my other easy recipes!

Original article and pictures take http://www.howtohaveitall.net/peach-pepper-jelly-recipe site

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