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Oregon '08

Oregon '08

Oregon '08

We talked about all the serious stuff right away too (I want to home school as well! And adopt. Ryan had never considered either.)

I don’t think guys really think about that at first, at least not like we girls do. Thanks for linking up!

Cute story! I haven’t written about our love story, but it’s kind of a fun one. In short, somehow I knew right away when I first saw him, but he refused to date me for about a year because he had some misguided notion that he wanted to actually focus on school during college and not be distracted. But I wore him down, but then on our one month anniversary of dating he broke up with me. Cuz boys are dumb. Then two months later, a week before I went to Spain to study abroad for 6 months, he decided he loved me and wanted to date me again. Cuz boys are dumb. But it all worked out and now we’re almost at our 1 year anniversary!

I LOVE this girl! I think it’s SOO fantastic that you both were so grounded then! I PRAY that for my kids as well. I DEF was NOT! Somehow despite all that God brought me my perfect for me match. I NEVER would have dated him before let alone think i would marry him! Haha! Best surprise EVER!

Can’t wait to see your wedding pics tomorrow I was opposite of you because I always thought I would marry a blonde dude and I got a dark haired one! And we were so young (and I was about to leave for college and NOT looking for a guy) when we met that we never talked about any of the serious stuff. We just dated and had fun like a couple of kids-kind of grew up together actually..which is why there was a lot of growing to do before we knew we had what it took to be a long lasting couple and get married. You guys were quite mature for your age and really had it worked out well Congrats on your anniversary !

That’s so sweet! And happy anniversary! You two are darling

My story is so not like yours. But I linked up anyway. Hope you like it.


I love this! Especially the part where you mention how important it is to talk marriage, dating is just a silly game and you miss out on all the important topics y’all discussed as well! Thank you for sharing and for linking up at Simply Helping Him! Blessings sis!

I enjoyed reading your story! Thanks for sharing and for linking up with my Marriage Monday post!!

Such a cute story! I just wanted to share that we got married on my birthday too, it was the only way both of our families could be there. I’m glad I’m not the only one this has happened to.

That is something like what happened with us I know of two different couples now that were married on her birthday. Besides myself that is

Yay I am glad that this post is up and I didn’t have to wait, haha!


Okay, my tale of first seeing my husband. I heard this loud talking, and I looked around to see this guy going on about something, and I thought, “Oh Lord, not another loud mouth IDIOT!”

17 years later, we are still married, and quite happy…

Aren’t first impressions rather comical at times?

Really enjoyed reading your love story! So sweet!

Last Thursday I told ya’ll how Jason and I met, and what my first impression of him was. Good thing impressions can change. This is the rest of our love story!

We had a lot of fun that summer. Renae and I would often invite him to join us when we went to young folks. There was about 8-12 of us that would hang out together then, so I got to know Jason pretty well as a friend.

There were a couple things that impressed me about him. One that really stood out is: our group was walking around at young folks once and there was an area that had drink cups scattered all over the place. We all mentioned how trashy it looked and that it was ridiculous how some people couldn’t pick up their trash. But out of all the people complaining about it, Jason was the only one that picked them up. The other thing I noticed and liked, was how good he was with kids.

He started coming down to the farm on the weekends and helping my brothers in the barn with the chores and I knew he was loving it. (Jason’s dream now, is a large place out in the country so we can raise animals.) I got to see him interacting with my family and that told me a lot about him as well.

I remember the first time I realized I had feelings for him that went beyond friendship. I was so upset at myself over it. It was one thing to have a dorky looking guy friend, totally another to have a dorky looking boyfriend! You see, I always thought I would marry someone with dark hair and not a blonde.

I didn’t say anything but instead tried to forget about it. However, one evening when it was just him and I talking, he told me he had asked my dad if he could date me. I must admit I was happy but still wasn’t sure if I really was that interested or not. (I know, it don’t make sense) So, we decided we would wait to make any decisions until after the first of the year. He had moved here in February, talked to dad about dating me in September, and we waited until January to (possibly) start dating.

He went to KS for Christmas and I knew that he would be back before the first of January and we planned on talking at young folks on New Years day. I didn’t go to young folks on new years eve. But Renae did, and she called me and left a message at 2am the next morning. It went something like this: Hey sis, Jason was here tonight, he got a haircut and he actually looks cute! Oh and he has green hair. Happy New Years!

I wake up at 3am hearing my phone beeping and I listen to the voice mail, green hair? cute? whaaaat? So I had to wait until morning to understand the green hair, which fortunately, was temporary!

We spent most of New Years day talking, and over the next few weeks we had a lot of phone conversations and spent time getting to know one another just a little better.

Our first official date was on February 18th and he was going to take me to church. However what really happened is I took my self to church, and we sat together. It had snowed so much that when Jason tried to drive up our lane in his little Ford Ranger, he got stuck!

We dated from February until January of the next year. I won’t say it was perfect and we “had our times” but we are not perfect, so what could we expect?

One thing that was unique, is from the start, we talked marriage. I wasn’t going to date around for fun, I wanted to know if it would work between us and didn’t want to get my heart broke. He was ready to settle down and so we talked marriage. Things like, what we wanted in a marriage, beliefs, kids, homeschooling. Dead serious, folks, those things are important! Another thing, was purity, that is something all couples struggle with and we were no different. Our strength, though, came from the Lord.

Oregon '08

He asked me to marry him one night in February and of course I said yes. We didn’t announce it or set a date until the beginning of April though.

With his family in OR and them planning a summer visit that year, we realized we would need to get married a little sooner then planned or wait nearly a year and a half. We chose sooner The dates kinda fell into place and we chose August 30th as the date. Every thing was perfect about it except… It was my birthday! No kidding, we got married on my birthday!

This is our love story. What’s yours?

Come back tomorrow when I will share a few wedding pics and a short video spotlighting what could only be a Wedding Fail!

Read the Full Love Story Series!

Original article and pictures take http://aproverbs31wife.com/our-love-story site

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