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Mr. Fix-it's car.

Mr. Fix-it's car.

Mr. Fix-it's car.

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Aw, such a sweet story! I love stories like this getting published. It’s so important to continually show that marriage is a permanent union. So sweet. I’m with ya, if the Lord waits a little longer to come back, I’m hoping my hubs and I will featured on a blog celebrating our 75th anniversary or more!

SOOOO cute!!!

Hey guys, I’m back with another love story that has lasted half a century! For fun I will refer to Grandpa as Mr Fix-it (if you only knew him in real life…) and Grandma as Rosie. Good names for them, trust me!

Love Stories that Last. Part 2

When Mr. Fix-it and Rosie first met, Rosie had herself a boyfriend. The night that Rosie and her boyfriend broke up, Mr. Fix-it heard the news and was waiting for her on the front porch when she got home. (News sure travels fast, and this was before any of what we have now.)

So he was waiting on the porch for her and they spent some time talking that night. Apparently is was meant to be, because a short time later they began dating.

I asked them if the remembered their first date. They couldn’t remember the name of the place but it was similar to Sonic. You drive up and order your food and when it’s ready they bring it out to you. Grandma said that once people would order, they often got back on the road and would “cruise” to the end of town and back. People did that a lot back then. Grandpa snorts, “I never did much of that, seemed like such a waste”

Mr. Fix-it's car.

’57 Ford, that Mr. Fix-it drove.

On Sunday afternoons, after church, Mr. Fix-it would take Rosie out to get food and then they would come back and sit in Rosie’s drive (partially hidden by some bushes of course) and they would talk. Once, when Mr. Fix-it came to pick up Rosie, Rosie’s little sister hid in the back seat, and before they left she jumped up and scared them!

When Grandma is telling me this, her voice is soft and at times her cheeks turn a little pink. I listen, and am thinking to myself, “if the Lord doesn’t return before then, I hope that in 50 yrs I will have wonderful memories of Jason and I like this”.

They were married by Rosie’s dad in January, Mr. Fix-it was 21 and Rosie was 18.

They were gone for three nights on their honey-moon. And didn’t stay in one motel for more than a night. The cost to stay a night in a hotel? $6, $4, and $8, back then, that was a lot of money.

Mr. Fix-it had moved to IN from KS to work as an intern at a hospital in IN, so the first little part of their married life was spent living in a couples dorm there.

I hope you enjoyed this lasting love story, and the little peek into the past. I love listening to my parent’s and grandparent’s stories, and sometimes it makes me wish I lived back then. However, I wouldn’t want to go too far back, I like my air conditioning! lol

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Original article and pictures take http://aproverbs31wife.com/love-stories-that-last-part-2 site

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