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Love stories

Love stories

Love stories

I love that you’re writing about this! Marriage is such a great gift, but can be hard as well. It’s important to do things to make the marriage last and to not give up when things get hard.

These are some really wise words indeed. What I am working on and praying about at the moment is 1) not feeling like I have to be “right” all the time or make my husband agree with me. I am competitive by nature but marriage is not about winning an argument. 2) Always speaking kindly to my husband in front of our children. They are babies now but I don’t want them growing up remembering snarky comments or sarcasm. It’s a slow process but I’m getting there!

Oh Kathy, I am the same way, very competitive and want to be the best which in marriage isn’t good.

And the snarky comments and sarcasm? I do that at times with out even realizing it. This post was meant for me more than my readers I think

You’ve got some really good tips here! Especially the ones from the “pros”!

Thanks Mindy, I was really happy with the advice that was given. All of which “yours truly” needs to follow better

I just clicked on The Thankful Homemaker 18 Ways To Be Your Husband’s Helper, and if you think you blew half of them, oh boy, did God ever convict me on this one!

I am so grateful to the love stories that came before me. My parents have been happily married for 32 years, my grandparents 57… or 58 now? All my aunts and uncles are or have been happily married (two have been widowed). There are two divorces in my family tree, but both came back from it. My older sister has been happily married for 6 years, my older cousins are all happily married as well, from around 15 years to a little over one. (None of my younger cousins are married, but the oldest of them is 18, so that’s fine! lol) And my younger sister and I are both engaged. My family has truly been blessed by God in the love department, and I am very thankful.

I realized how blessed I was a few years ago and wrote this (a few months before I met the man God had for me): http://www.thesongsontheway.com/2010/03/models-of-marriage.html

Isn’t amazing to have a heritage of Lasting Love stories? I feel so blessed by that and I’m sure you do as well!

While we are not yet married (and won’t live together until we are of course), we met very young and have been through tons of life’s ups and downs together already (such as job loss and extreme financial difficulty, lots of deaths, and illnesses, and immaturity). Here is what I have learned so far- I tend to be a romantic sort of daydreamer who can live in fantasy land where I thought love should be like a romance novel haha. I learned that real love can feel like a romance novel at times, but is not mostly all that glamorous and is WORK (rewarding work, but work none the less). I have learned that each person has to not try to change the other too much and embrace the differences (which can be a toughie for me), and that prob. the MOST important thing is effective communication. Effective meaning not yelling, name calling, or being passive aggressive. Luckily my guy and I rarely fight and I have never yelled at him in all the years. BUT-he is not a good communicator and I hate confrontation, so that has been the main area of work. I used to have major frustration or even resentment from keeping things in…so I learned how important communicating and discussing feelings can be. Lots of patience here in helping him to have the dreaded “talks” haha and making sure I calmly express my feelings when I am upset about something. If you come at your guy in a finger pointing hostile way, you prob. won’t get a good reaction Oh- and I always point out the good things I like about him or how he treats me as well. If he does something I like I tell him!

I don’t have any more love stories to share right now, but I thought I would share some tips on making YOUR love story last.

These thoughts come from some of my friends on Facebook who have been married at least 20 yrs.

Tracey R—- My husband and I have been married 25 years. We met in high school on a blind date set up by my best friend (yes we are still friends). The one thing that helped us during our marriage is to talk and not yell. Also I let my husband be with his friends and he let me be with my friends. We never told each other we couldn’t do anything. Talking is the most important thing in a marriage. (I have seen/heard of so many marriages fall apart due to losing a child during their marriage, we lost our first born son and we didn’t let it tear us apart in fact we grew closer. Just knowing that we each was hurting because we both lost him not just me).

Troy Doretha T—- I would advise you to always put God first then totally be your spouse’s best friend. Don’t ever put your other friends before your spouse. Never go a day without saying “I love you”. Be prayerful and careful!

Love stories

And while I don’t have love stories to share from all my grandparents, (due to them disliking the internet) I do have a few other tidbits of advice from them.

Making time as a couple/family to read the Bible and pray together is extremely important.

Even if the argument wasn’t settled like you want it to be, make sure that in your heart you have forgiven your spouse before going to bed.

Love Stories

Some of the blogs I follow offer great tips and ideas for marriage as well. The Thankful Homemaker shared 18 Ways to be Your Husbands Helper, I know I fail at close to half of them.

Graceful Momma shared this heart warming post about being A Kind Wife. She sent her hubby a list of things she felt she should be doing and asked him to put them in order according to importance. His response was not what she expected.

Becky at Beauty for Ashes shares 11 Ways to Flirt with your Man. Seriously, this is my favorite one!

I would love to hear how you are making your love story last, and don’t forget to come back tomorrow, when I am sharing the rest of Jason and I’s love story and you can link up yours!!!

Read the Full Love Story Series!

Original article and pictures take http://aproverbs31wife.com/making-your-love-story-last site

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