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Live Without My Pasta Pot

Can’t Live Without My Pasta Pot

Can’t Live Without My Pasta Pot

I always thought of myself as a durum wheat wiz. From rigatoni to ravioli, I could boil pasta with the best of ‘em. That was back when my tiny apartment had little storage space (the Dutch oven goes where?), so I adopted a one-pot-fits-all mentality and turned myself into a noodle-cooking machine using the one pot I owned.

Then, one day, the spaghetti fought back.

I was following the same cooking ritual I must have used a zillion times before: I tested the pasta for doneness, turned off the heat, grabbed the pot, and poured the contents into a colander in the sink. This time, however, the boiling water didn’t drain through the holes as usual. The scalding hot liquid rounded one side like a skateboarder on a half-pipe, splashed up and out of the sink, and soaked my upper right leg.

Seconds later, I peeled off my pants and saw a searing, 4-inch-long, bright-red splotch that would blister, ooze, scab, and scar not only my leg but my culinary confidence. After that, I would flinch whenever I had to boil water. And I learned an important lesson: Pouring boiling water into a separate colander, though tried and true, isn’t necessarily the safest way to go. Certainly not for me.

Eventually, my body healed, my fears subsided, and I discovered a pasta pot designed specifically for boiling noodles. Using the removable, integrated strainer, you can lift your noodles up and away, allowing the hot water to cool in the pot before pouring it down the drain. The pot is also generously sized—perfect for my two pasta-loving kids—and conducts heat like a champ. Noodles cook evenly without clumping. The only thing I need to remember to do is stir the pot, so to speak. I’ve even used my pasta pot to blanch veggies, poach fish, and boil potatoes.

What can I say? I’m not a one-dish- or one-pot-wonder anymore.

* * *

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