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Lazy Cabbage Rolls

Lazy Cabbage Rolls

Lazy Cabbage Rolls

This dish was very bland. I had to add a lot more salt before I got any flavor and I also used quite a bit of Sriracha sauce which made it taste better.

We go to Italy every summer to visit family…..love everything about Italy, especially the food (gelato, anyone?)!! Wish I could convince my hubby to move. Can’t wait to try this recipe!! When you say tomato puree, are you talking about passata?

Hi Suzette, I know can’t get much better than the gelato! Yes I am talking about passata. Have a great weekend.

O M G ! I remember this dish, we made it more than once and enjoyed every bite!

Thanks for posting it, cause I couldn’t remember how you made it either. I guess hubby and I will make it tonight but enjoy it without you ;-(

Happiness starts in the kitchen!

I know, took me forever to find it. Love it too. Enjoy it you two! Miss you guys!

I think I would like this better than cabbage rolls and yay for less work! Thanks for linking up to the Tasty Tuesdays Linky Party at Creative K Kids! I’ve pinned your post to the Tasty Tuesdays Pinterest Board

I must say, I like how you take your photos & present them on your blog. I find it engaging.

Hi thank you very much, glad you like my photos. Have a great day!

I love this recipe, this is a recipe that my Mom made way back when. I imagine this is when casseroles were all the rage. When I moved to Italy from Canada my Mom gave me most of her recipes all written out in her hand writing, but unfortunately this was not in the group. How I have looked for this easy Lazy Cabbage Rolls recipe everywhere over the years, from food blogs to googling it, from asking my sisters and anyone and everyone who ever tasted this Lazy Cabbage Rolls recipe. No one had it and no one remembered how it was made or so I thought.

This was another of the lost and found recipes that my sister in Toronto had. One of the tastiest and easiest casseroles to make. This Recipe can be made in the oven or as I started making it on the stove in a skillet, brown the beef first, then throw everything else in, cover and let it all simmer together for about 30 minutes and there you have it, comfort food at its best. And this is just what these Lazy Cabbage Rolls are.

I have always loved cabbage rolls, my best friend’s mother is of Ukrainian decent and she would make the best (and still does) cabbage rolls and Pierogi (I love those too!). I have made cabbage rolls the classic way and yes they are amazing, but very time consuming, too many dirty dishes, but these Lazy Cabbage Rolls come together so quickly! And what could be better then everything mixed together in one bowl?

This wonderful, delicious Lazy Cabbage Rolls dish have everything, cabbage, ground beef, tomatoes, rice and spices. Perfect for cold fall or winter evenings and you are looking for something comforting and yes healthy. Could be the ideal Saturday or Sunday evening meal. I do hope you will enjoy this as much as I do and now my family does too, let me know. Buon Appetito!

Original article and pictures take http://anitalianinmykitchen.com/lazy-cabbage-rolls site

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