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I dream of tropical climes.

I dream of tropical climes.

I dream of tropical climes.

Sounds like just the remedy for the Winter Blues. It’s a tough time in the Northeast. Your jars look clear, jelly-like. Did you puréed the pineapples or use juice?

Xena, I used pineapple chunks. I often mash my fruit to bits to release their juices. Perhaps that’s what makes the jam look jelly-like.

So just for a kick, I added a bit of coconut just before the final “boil hard for 1 minute.” INCREDIBLE! We call this the Pina Colada version. I LOVE you original recipe and it is a house favorite!! Thank you

Kimi, excited that you tried it out and that you tried a different twist. I’m so intrigued! What kind of coconut did you use?

I used a modest handful of shredded coconut and then lightly toasted it to bring out that nutty flavor.

Sounds DELISH!! Once you finished the above steps, did you then put the mixture into the bread machine on the jam setting? Im a jam virgin

Bex, nope, that was it. Enjoy!

My jam isn’t setting up, any suggestions? I used liquid pectin instead of powdered, could that be the issue?

Hi B, yes, it is likely the substitution of liquid for powdered. In general, powdered pectin is added at the beginning of the process, with the sugar added later. With liquid, it’s the reverse (sugar first, pectin after boiling). Read the instructions that came with your pectin to confirm that these rules of thumb apply to the particular pectin that you use.

Just wondering if i can use fresh pineapples instead? Looking forward to trying this recipe as soon as i hear back!

Hi Sam, I haven’t tried that way, but take a shot! If you have fresh local pineapple available to you, then I am extremely jealous!

I made this with fresh pineapple. I used 4 pounds of chopped fresh pineapple, 2 limes, and some bottled lime juice. I cooked that down, but it mainly stayed solid, so I used an immersion blender to blend it up. That worked really well. I also used low sugar pectin and 4 c sugar. It ended up making a little over 8 jars. Tasty!

Hi Garden Gates, that sounds lovely. I may have to try this recipe with fresh pineapple this year. Enjoy!

I just made this using fresh pineapple and it did foam a bit when boiling…I’ve noticed a clear liquid forming at the bottom of each processed jar – meaning – its separating…anyone else have this issue? I did use an immersion blender and followed directions to the T – thanks, Di

Diane, no need for concern. Just mix up each jar as you open it and you’ll have yummy fruit chunks in every bite. Enjoy!

Hi! I was just wondering how much is in the box of pectin? Thanks!

Stephanie, a standard box of powdered pectin is 1.75 ounces. Hope this helps!

I didn’t have any rum, so I used bourbon. Wow, is it wonderful! I will have to hide it ’til Christmas if I want any for gifting….

I dream of tropical climes.

Ok, I realize that I am back in the Mediterranean climate of the Bay Area so I (arguably) have little right to complain. This morning’s unexpected rain does not compare to the anticipated 20-something inches of snow in the Boston and New York metropolitan areas this weekend.

But it is generally in early February that I succumb to the doldrums of seasonal affective disorder. I am clinging to the fact that the beginning of Daylight Saving Time is only 4 1/2 weeks away.

The real question is why there is even standard time at all. Let’s be honest here — that 35% of the year is the worst. Let’s eliminate standard time altogether!

Another — perhaps easier — option is to create tropical concoctions all winter long. This month’s Can It Up choice of frozen fruit required — nay, demanded! — that I use non-local fruit, preferably of the tropical variety.

This recipe recalls the very first preserves I ever made: pineapple lime jam. I used the jam cycle of the bread machine (who knew that existed?!) rather than the usual method. The rumor is that the result was so exquisite that my father-in-law ate it straight out of the jar. I’m sorry that it’s taken me nearly 6 years to revisit the combination (adding alcohol makes everything better!), but the first jar of this batch is on its way to him.

I am off to use the leftovers to whip a luscious cocktail.

Original article and pictures take http://www.allfourburners.com/2013/02/07/can-it-up-pineapple-rum-jam-with-lime site

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