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How To Grow Hops

How To Grow Hops

How To Grow Hops

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Ok, these are not like Easter bunny hops, just in case you are wondering. Most people would probably not know what these are unless they are involved with beer making. I only heard about them from the hubby who has decided to learn how to grow his own hops, for his new hobby beer making.

I have since learnt they are two types of hops that should be grown by a master brewer. The Aroma hops to help boost the aroma and the bitter hops are for the boiling process. The most common varieties are the Cascade, Bullion, Challenger, Fuggles and Columbus. Those are some really funny names. LOL

Here’s What You’ll Need:

trellis or wire supports

organic fertilizer


container (optional)

He is planting his rhizomes which are root sections from a plant he got from his buddy in town in our garden. You can also grow hops in containers if you have limited space. Plant about two inches deep and at least 3 feet apart just after the last frost. Fertilize as needed, do not apply more than you need or way less than you need.

Keep your plants well watered through the Summer, and they should be ready for harvest from mid-August. Two things to watch out for are the smell and the feel of the plant. They are ready when the smell is strong, the leaves have a lighter color and also have a dry feel. Dry your hops before use, a food dehydrator or oven will work just fine.

You can get more information on the Kegerator blog, here…

You can watch the video below on how to grow your own hops…

You can watch the video below on how to grow your own hops in containers…


Original article and pictures take http://homesteadlifestyle.com/how-to-grow-hops site

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