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How a Text Changed our marriage

How a Text Changed our marriage

How a Text Changed our marriage

Kendra, Great reminder how something that takes a little bit of time can go a long way in our marriage. Thanks for sharing a much needed post. Be blessed! – Kia

A great reminder of how such little things can grow a marriage and even change one in trouble. I love texting mine and leaving notes in his truck or underwear drawer. He never says anything, but I know he appreciates them. He’s not much of a texter either, but I think eventually he will be.

Love the little reminders of how to add a bit of communication and fun to my marriage. Also, sometimes doing what I’m not use to doing and stepping out of my comfort zone is a good thing. Beautiful tidbit of advice.

Hmm, I’m going to try this with my adult son who lives in another state! Works for anybody in the family.

Smart woman!

We live in the day of modern technology and that’s not all bad. Texting for example is a tool, it can be used for good or for bad. Here’s how a text changed our marriage for the better!

Jason has never been a texter. Although to be honest, aside from that short time we dated, he’s never been one to leave notes either. I’ve accepted that romance does not a relationship make and learned to appreciate my strong steady man for the good husband that he is.

For several years I got up with my man and packed his lunch. This was something he appreciated me doing and I enjoyed doing it for him. Even after our first was born I continued packing his lunch and my own at the same time. But pregnancy with our second changed a few things and now I simply try to get as much sleep as I can.

When I packed lunches for him I loved slipping little love notes into his box, I even created a few fun ones that can be printed for my readers here (that’s you!) to use. I knew he enjoyed them but he rarely said it and didn’t reciprocate. All of this was one sided and I was fine with it.

When I quit packing his lunches, the notes also stopped. I’m sure he missed them and after awhile I realized that I missed leaving them for him.

How a Text Changed Our Marriage

One particular Monday I kept thinking about how much FUN we had enjoyed as a family together over the weekend. I realized that the entire time we were out, I hadn’t taken our toddler potty one single time.

Even the messy pants had been handled by my rock-star hubby. Since I typically have both boys all the time, just being able to focus on one child was a huge blessing to me.

I decided I needed to let hubby know how much I appreciated that. So I sent him a text. Like I’ve said before, Jason isn’t a texter. So when all I received in reply was a row of emojis I laughed and responded in same before going about my day.

A few more days went by and I had something else positive to share with him. So I sent him another text and he responded with more emojis. This continued for a few more days and then something started happening.

My non texting hubby began texting me! A photo here, a short sentence there. Definitely not an everyday thing, but a little bit of fun has been added to our marriage.

So here’s my takeaway:

Do something new, different, out-of-the-ordinary for your marriage. Don’t expect anything out of it, but give and see where it takes you. A simple act can change things up for your marriage and bring a bit of fun to your marriage.

How a text changed our marriage is simply one example of something small becoming something big. Perhaps in your case, a written note would make a bigger difference, or simply being at the door when hubby gets home. There are many little things you can do, you just have to do them!

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