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House Training Your New Puppy

House Training Your New Puppy

House Training Your New Puppy

Years ago we took on a two year old Jack Russell that had not been properly house trained. It was a nightmare and I didn’t have a crate so popped her with her bed into the shower at night. It worked in the same way and after a few nights of waking me, she got the hang of it and never looked back.

It’s interesting to see all the parallels between training puppies and behavioral therapy for children. (Honestly, there are so many similarities! I’m not a horrible human, I promise!)

I’ve had two dogs and have never successfully house train them. I did the ever our walking and he’d wait until we got home and pee on the floor. sigh

It has been 5 years but it takes patience. They say smaller dogs take longer than larger ones…

I love these tips for house training a new puppy!! It can be so hard to to help a new pet adapt to their new home.

Ah, I didn’t know taking the puppy out often would be helpful. I did wonder how difficult it would be to potty train them.

Its a good idea to famiilarize them with both the house and outside to get them trained properly.

It definitely makes it easier to train that pup if someone is home all day with him/her. Or as in my case–back when–my older dog took on that chore. I don’t know if he thought he would get blamed–but he had that pup trained lickety split!!

This is pretty accurate. There has a routine all the time, just like when you’re taking care of a human baby. I love the tips!

This is really great information! We plan on getting a puppy in a year or so once we get use to the baby in February! Hopefully this helps!

What great info! This is one of the hardest parts about having a new puppy! House breaking our dog Henry was a huge ordeal, I wish I had had these tips back then!

Your article reminds me of the dog I sometimes take care of when his parents are away. She is an adorable little dog and I love animals a lot so I don’t lock her up in her crate overnight. Her parents do this because she sometimes pees on the floor. But when she is with me, she never does it. She is really funny because when she wakes up in the morning and I am still sleeping, she gets out of her crate and cuddles in the bed under the blanket, next to me. And she just stays there until I wake up.

These are all super important points! People don’t often realize or they don’t just know how important it is to train a puppy so it won’t be confused.

I love dogs and it bugs to me to see them in crates.

Dogs are so intelligent it is amazing how quickly they pick things up with a little repetition X

This is really good advice! We’ve had two dogs from puppies and it is like looking after a small child (sort of) we used to put newspaper down by the door to encourage them getting used to going in a specific place near outside.

Omg house training can be hard! This was great advice!Holly | http://www.styledbyholly.com

These are so great tips for pet lovers. I do not have pets at home but my friends do and they should be reading this post.

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You just brought your new puppy home and you’re so excited to…..clean up another mess. Let’s face it. Puppies are going to have accidents. Until you train your puppy, you will be cleaning up little puddles and landmines. The good news is that it’s easier to house train your new puppy than you may think.

Take the Puppy Out Every Hour

First things first. You want to take your puppy outside every hour and walk around until he potties. Puppies have tiny bladders and need to potty often. The more chances you give your new puppy to potty outside, the less likely he’ll be to have an accident indoors.

Walk the Puppy Before Bed and First Thing in the Morning

You want to make taking your puppy out the absolute last thing you do before bed. If your puppy is only a couple months old, you will also need to get up at least once during the night to let him out. Puppies simply cannot hold it all night. When you wake up, take your puppy outside first thing.

Crate the Puppy at Night

If your puppy has the chance to walk around throughout the night, he’ll simply get up and potty – more than likely close to the bed so you’ll step in it. If you crate your puppy, in the proper sized crate, he’ll be less likely to potty in the crate. He’ll whine until you wake up or he simply can’t hold it anymore.

Praise the Puppy

One of the most important things you want to do when house training your new puppy is to praise him. Whenever he uses the potty outside, tell him that he’s a good dog and rub his head. This reinforces the idea that he’s supposed to potty outside.

Avoid Scolding the Puppy

No matter what others tell you, it does absolutely no good to scream at your puppy or to hold his nose in his mess. This is animal cruelty. A simple, but firm “No” while grabbing the puppy to take him outside is much better. When he gets outdoors, remember to praise him when he potties outside. You always want to use positive reinforcement.

Puppies have accidents. However, you will greatly reduce the number of accidents by working to house train your new puppy. With a bit of time and patience, your new puppy will learn that the outdoors is the place to do his business.

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