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Four Fall Activities That Double As Exercise

Four Fall Activities That Double As Exercise

Four Fall Activities That Double As Exercise

Who knew that fun, fall outdoor activities like apple picking could double as exercise? I did! Now it’s your turn. Try these four alternative “workouts,” and you can look forward to having sore muscles the next day.

For a Cross-Training Workout, Try Apple Picking

A family road trip to a U-pick orchard may be all that stands between you and an enjoyable and physically challenging afternoon. All that walking, reaching, ladder hauling, climbing, and bushel-basket carrying is like an extended cardio and resistance-training session. And you’re likely to feel the effects in every major muscle group (wearing compression garments might help). The best part: Instead of paying a trainer $50 an hour, you exercise for free and you score a bunch of apples. Your post-workout treat: applesauce, of course.

For a Strength-Training Workout, Go Pumpkin Picking

The average pumpkin can weigh between 6 and 18 pounds, although size can vary by region and grower. Expect to lift a pumpkin over and over again, like a weighted ball! There’s also walking the patch to search for the perfect specimen, twisting it off the vine, and schlepping it to your car. When you get home, the work isn’t done; you have to lug it into the house. Every time you change its location, you’ll get a mini workout.

For a Walking Workout, Head to a Corn Maze

Finding your way through a corn maze might sound easy, until you lose yourself among those towering stalks. The longer it takes to solve the maze (and that’s a mental workout) the more steps you and your family will rack up on your activity trackers. The smell of corn and captivating scenery may make you wander even longer. Perfect!

For a CrossFit-Style Workout, Build a Bonfire

Autumn’s chilly temperatures practically beg for a bonfire. But that takes work—a lot of it. Just wait until you’ve dug a depression for the fire, towed and assembled stones to place around it, and gathered (and maybe even chopped!) a few armloads of firewood. It’s like a CrossFit session! You’ll burn off your fair share of calories and be more than ready to kick back and eat s’mores. Just try to keep your portions small.

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