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Clean Your Yard, No Matter How Much Time You Have

Clean Your Yard, No Matter How Much Time You Have

Clean Your Yard, No Matter How Much Time You Have

The thought of spending an entire weekend cleaning your yard can make you want to move into a condo. Instead of tackling the project in one fell swoop, invest small windows of time into specific tasks until you finish the entire job. Once you decide how much time you can commit, use these tips to make the most of each minute.

Got an Afternoon?

Aerate the soil so that oxygen, water, nutrients, and sunlight can penetrate into the areas that need them. Your lawn takes a beating from foot traffic and weekly mowing, so it’s important to loosen up that compacted top layer. Use a tiller or mower with an aerator attachment, or walk across the grass in spiked shoes.

Got an Hour?

Fertilize the soil (after you’ve aerated it). This keeps your grass strong during winter and resilient come spring. Fertilizer bags feature three numbers to indicate the percentages of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium (in that order), says Bryan Clayton, chief executive officer of the lawn-care company GreenPal. Nitrogen helps grass grow, phosphorus strengthens the roots, and potassium fights weeds. “In most cases, a homeowner can go with a balanced fertilizer, such as 15-15-15, and be OK,” he says. But to winterize your lawn, look for a fertilizer with greater amounts of nitrogen and potassium (like 26-2-13) to prevent problems from developing or continuing, Clayton says. Spread the fertilizer across the grassy areas of your lawn two or three weeks before you expect the first frost.

Got 15 Minutes?

Rake the leaves. While they may be pretty, they can also suffocate and ruin your grass. Spend a few minutes whenever you can instead of waiting until all of them have fallen. This massive leaf hauler helps manage storage until you can bribe your kids to stuff the leaves into paper lawn bags.

Got 5 Minutes?

Water the lawn—it might seem counterintuitive because snow is on the way. However, it actually keeps the roots healthy throughout the season and helps set the fertilizer’s magic into motion. Keep it up until the ground begins to freeze.

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