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Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cups (Vegan, Gluten Free)

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cups (Vegan, Gluten Free)

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cups (Vegan, Gluten Free)

I love cookie dough everything! These look wonderful Demeter!

Awesome! Thanks so much Jess!

I know I don’t even need to tell you how delicious these look! Munch munch over here. How scrumptious. Just bought some cookie dough ice cream for the um, kids?!? Oh wait, we wait until their in bed to eat….shameless =)

Aw, thanks Laura! Lol on the munch munch. You wait until they go to bed! Lolol… no need to share then, I guess? Thanks my friend!

I am a huge cookie dough fan, and we all know I love my chocolate, so these little treats are just PERFECT! These look so scrumptious!

Oh yes to ALL of the cookie dough! Thanks so much, Marsha! xo

Wow! You created the perfect guilt free candy – I’m all for it! They look awesome!

Thanks Vanessa! I hope you get a chance to enjoy these!

Ahh man, my grandparents had chocolate too but it was always yeaaaars old and… not that tasty anymore. You know I love chocolate, so this looks delicious to me! Just got back from the gym but hey, it’s all about the balance right?

Wow… Lol. Yep, there’s just something about old chocolate that just doesn’t taste right. Haha. Thanks Vivian!

You always have the best stories, Demeter! Licking all the goodness from the cookies as a kid? Why yes, I did. But I didn’t put back…I licked the icing and the ate the remainder of the cookie. You know, even these days I lick the cheese flavouring off the Doritos before eating the chip. Never grow up, I tells ya, lol!

Speaking of Carebears….loved them and I loved Rainbow Bright and Strawberry Shortcake…remember those? Confession, I have a Carebear on my bed now. Yeap, a full size Carebear. Hubby gave it to me last year. The pink one. I love it!

And, I agree….food is meant to be enjoyed. So I can’t blame ya for going for the peanut butter cup. Probably ’cause the basket was so forbidden made you want it even more, didn’t it? Wow, Demeter! This chocolate chip cookie dough version is the bomb dot com…and I don’t use the phrase lightly, lol. Pinning!! Have a fantastic week, girlie! xoxo

Aw, thanks D! Yeah… it looks like we both might have a bit of a licking-issue here. Could be one of the best reasons for our friendship (wait, that sounded weird). Lolol. Never grow up, my friend. Never grow up. Okay, but your confession totally gave me a much-needed Monday chuckle. How was I totally not surprised when I read that you had a CB on your bed? How?? Lol. Thanks for everything Dawn. Have a great week too! xoxo

Hahaha – I did the same thing to lemon puffs that you did to your cookie sandos! BTW – I still do it to Oreos – but, shhh don’t tell my daughter – she thinks its the dogs!

Demeter, I so enjoyed your PB cookie cup story – so so funny – yes, kids manage to get a little bit of chocolate (and oatmeal) EVERYWHERE! And you know what else I’d enjoy – why these chocolate chip cookie dough cups especially seeing they are so darn good-for-me! Yes – I couldn’t agree more “food is for enjoying. Not displaying” – happy Monday to ya!

And thanks for this awesome giveaway! XO

LOLOL. Oh, the lemon cream you must’ve enjoyed! I promise not to tell–esp if you share! Haha. Yup, the KIDS do… MM-hmm. Never happens to me as an adult, or anything… *shifty eyes* And the oatmeal–yep! My 2-yr old nephew flings that stuff around like it’s his job! Haha. So happy you enjoyed this post Shashi. Let’s enjoy more food together! Happy Monday, friend. xo

Haha I used to eat the cream out of the cookies first (actually, I still do that) but I never put them back in the container. I think my brother did, though! I would totally eat ALL of these cookie dough cups in one bite though. What a fun treat for Monday, Demeter! I just want to reach right through my screen and grab that entire stack. Your pictures are just gorgeous and I’m dreaming of these for breakfast! Pinned, of course!

Right?? Let’s all be honest here–sometimes you just need the creme part. See, y’all were classy and didn’t put it back like me… Lol. Hoping you get a chance to try these! Thanks so much Gayle.

Yo Cup Buddy! Haha! Your pb cups look good too, actually the “level-up” version of mine. And the photos are gorgeous as always! <3

Hiya Cup Buddy!! Lol. No m’am, they’re both on the YUM level. Oh yes! Thanks so much, Sheryl. <3

Oh, yours are not pb but cookie dough. My mind is preoccupied with peanut butter these days.

Those cups look awesome! Decadent and chocolaty, perfect for my sweet cravings! Your story is so cute! I would have done the same if my grandma had an Easter basket that I could not touch. Food is not for display, but to enjoy, you’re so right! Enjoy your week, my friend!

I’m so happy that you enjoyed the story, Nicoletta. Yup, food is for eating! Enjoy your week as well, my dear. xo

Hahahaha. Why am I not surprise YOU snuck the peanut butter cup out of the Easter basket like a little chocolate thief? I totally remember grandparents having Easter baskets on display… still to this day don’t really understand it though. Did they ever notice the missing Chocolate PB cup?? Anyways, I’m pretty sure these Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cups are a billion times better than the ones that Mr Reese makes! These look just perfect, Demeter! Seriously, I want to put my head through a wall because I want a dozen (or more) of these chocolaty beauties in my life. So not fair. Eat a dozen of these for me. Chey’s orders. Pinned! Cheers, girlfriend!

Right?? And they would NEVER let you touch it! Pure torture for the kiddos. Noticing the missing cup: I’ll leave that to your imagination. Please don’t put your head through a wall–let me make white chocolate ones for you instead! I shall begin my very serious mission of eating a dozen of these now–Chey’s orders! Thanks my dear! xoxo

HAHA i loved that story! you sound so adorable, i was just picturing you in my mind – so sneaky!! these look super tasty and im obsessed that they have cookie dough inside. i would go to town on these and get chocolate everywhere as well.

Awesome! I’m not gonna lie, I was just a bit sneaky. Ahem. What else can a kiddo do? Chocolate everywhere is a sign of good things… Thanks B!

Oh my gosh! Those looks dangerously delicious! I have a serious weakness for cookie dough, I’m pretty sure I could eat a dozen or so of those!

Thanks so much Katie! Oh yes, you could! (I mean, we all did at my house!)

These look amazing! Wish I had a few of them right now! Love the story! Did they ever notice what was missing? These cups look so much better than storebought! Pinned!

Thanks so much Mira! I’ll leave that up to your imagination… Thanks for pinning! xo

Hahaha! I used to sneak fried green peppers at one gram’s house (cause – you know – you can never have too many peppers on your bologna sandwich!) and Juicy Fruit gum from my other gram’s! Ohhhh – those were the days! I am loving these Cookie Dough Cups, my friend!! Total yum!! And thankfully, I won’t have to eat them beneath the covers!

Oh yes, peppers are the best part! You were quite the mischievous one, Annie. No undercovers eating for you!

I’d love five of these right now as they look amazing!

Just five? Thanks Rahul!

Your stories are the BEST – I can just picture the whole thing happening!! Meantime, cookie dough cups??? GENIUS. Pure genius.

Aw, thanks Kate! Pure yum!

Hahaha, I used to do the exact same thing. My grandparents used to buy an extremely disgusting cookie with an extremely delicious jam filling, so I did what I had to do. Also, obviously I picked my favourite M&M’s too – mine was blue I think, and fought all the monsters with the help of my blanket….kinda still doing this

Absolutely love this: “not hidden by cellophane and protected by doilies”!!! I have to admit I never eat PB cups or any chocolate covered in cellophane, because I can’t bear the sound and touch of it. That’s one of the billion reasons why these chocolate chip cookie dough cups look so perfect! Plus I can hardly believe it again, that it’s all vegan and even healthy! Pinned, have to try it!!

“Extremely disgusting cookie” Lolol. E, you always, always make me laugh with how you describe stuff! Aren’t we both still just kids who happen to look like adults? Hehe. Oh seriously on the cellophane? It’s because it’s so noisy and crinkly, isn’t it? Thanks for pinning, friend! Can’t wait to hear what you think of these.

Hahahahaha! I am so in love with that cute little Demeter. You sound so adorable as a child. LOVE Easter story! All of your stories are fantastic and its hard to tell which one I like most till now! But I want to say only one thing, please keep them coming! And these cookie dough cups? LOVE Chocolate Chips, love Cookie Dough — so did you made them for me? Yeah for gluten-free dairy-free treat! Have wonderful week!

Aw… thanks Anu. Little Demeter was way more fun (or at least way more adventurous than big D). Us adults have got to have more fun! I may just have made these special for you. Thank you so much for the kind comments, my dear. Have a splendid week! xoxo

I love cookie dough and this one is amazingly delicious. Beautiful photos as always

Three cheers for you, my fellow cookie dough lover. Thanks Kushi!

Your g-ma & mine must have rolled together. . .because the doily was king in her house too. But I don’t recall her ever displaying Easter baskets. Who knew that an Easter basket could serve as such a precious tchotchke. I’ll have to keep that in mind if I ever find a bare spot in my house.

But on to more important things…these cookie dough cups. . .they are definitely screaming my name. And since they are guilt free. . . I can feel okey dokey eating the whole stack. High fives to that.

Oh yeah. Rolling is exactly what they woulda called it. LOL. Please don’t clear out the space–the Easter basket will just torture you from it’s untoucable spot! Haha. Eat the whole stack and smile. Instant bliss, right? Thanks Lynn!

Swoon! These look too good to be true.

Thanks Alida.

Oh my goodness, Demeter! Once again, you have me laughing (while I’m at the gym, riding a bike, yes, everybody I’m unique!!) The younger me used to sneak full tubes of cookie dough and jars of frosting! I’d take them up to my room and make myself so sick – but it was worth it!! I can’t wait to try these — in moderation!!!

Thanks so much for being a part of my 100th recipe celebration! You are so sweet and I’m so lucky we connected! I can only hope to one day make and capture glorious creations like yours

“yes, everybody I’m unique!!” <-- Lolol. If I had you laughing, then your comment got me right back! Woah, sneaking all of those goodies up to your room? Yep, I knew we had LOTS in common! Haha. Try these in moderation, try them in your room--whatever pleases you, my dear. Aw... Megan. <3 Your comments are so unbelievably sweet. Meanwhile, here I've been, drooling over your gorgeous and beyond scrumptious creations since I first visited your blog. I seriously cannot wait for 100 more! Big hugs. xoxo

Hahahaha this was the best storytime!!! So vivid! And the “law abiding mini citizen” part cracked me up Candy that is not for eating is just crazy talk. I think it should be considered a heroic act that you saved that little pb cup from being tossed out with the rest of the “for show” easter candy My dream easter basket would just be filled entirely with these cookie dough cups <3 PB cups were usually my favorite, but cookie dough beats pb obviously! Or at least in my chocolate filling ranking system

I’m so happy you enjoyed it, Natalie! Mini: you see, I was quite the short one… Heroic act: Lololol. Now who’s cracking who up?? You know, I really like the way you think. Yeah, I was “saving” that pb cup! From a life of collecting dust and stale. That’s right! Haha. Loving your chocolate filling ranking system. I’m gonna need to hear more about the other stuffing in these ranks of yours… Hehe.

You were a naughty girl Demeter!! Actually, I’ve done the same things. heeheehee Chocolate doesn’t have a chance around me, and apparently you too My favorite was always Snickers and I think my new favorite are your cc cookie dough cups. So pretty too. You could totally sell these in a candy shop.

I love peanut butter cups but this is the next level of perfection combining them with chocolate chip cookie dough! Sounds fantastic!

Oh YES for next level desserts. Cookie dough is everything, right? Thanks Miranda!

Okay, these are like the best thing I’ve EVER seen!

Seriously, wow, I wish I had a huge pile of like 20 of these right now, because I would totally down them all. I’m looking through all the photos, thinking these are going to be so complicated and difficult to make, but WOW! Definitely heading to the store tonight, because I can already tell these are going to be a hit.

Thanks so much for sharing this awesome recipe (:

Thanks Savannah! 20 would just about do it. Can’t wait to hear what you think! Thanks for stopping by.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cups (V+GF): thick, indulgent, homemade chocolate cups stuffed with chocolate chip cookie dough. Vegan, Gluten Free, Dairy Free.

When you’re a kid, you do all kinds of funny things. You pick the red M&M’s out of your M&M’s stash. You make sure your feet are completely covered by your blankets so the monsters don’t get you (they like feet, obviously). You might even eat all the crème filling out of your cookie sandos and then, thoughtfully, replace those crèmeless cookies back in the container for someone else to “enjoy.”

Did you ever do anything like that?

I did. Like, A LOT. But don’t tell my mom I said that.

One such incident occurred many years ago… an occasion that will heretofore be known as The Easter Basket incident. Of the 90s. Yeah, that makes it sound more official. (And for some reason this is good…?)

Well, when I was 8 years-old, I had just about outgrown Magic Eye books, retired my neon purple kaleidoscope and decided I was ready to take the training wheels off of my bike. Things were looking up. In fact, I had even grown half of an inch. So this was doubly true!

I was on to bigger and better things. Would one of these things be chocolate chip cookie dough stuffed cups? Nope. <– Unexpected plot twist!! Here’s the thing. Every week, I’d be carted over to my grandma’s house in Oakland.

It was big, dusty, and full of interesting things. Like, cookie tins that just weren’t allowed in my house. Something hard like a rock, but wrapped like candy, called “protein bars.” And everything was sitting atop a doily. Even the stereo. ‘Cuz that’s how my grandma rolled.

One of the most coveted things in that house, at least for me, was the Easter basket. It would sit proudly, glossily, practically sparkling with mystery and treats from its respected position atop the stereo, which was atop the doily. Which was sitting atop a different-colored doily. One to protect the stereo, one to protect the stand the stereo was on. Obviously.

Well ya see, that doily-protected, stereo Easter basket layer cake would sit just to the left of the only TV in the house. Every time I went over, I was plopped right in front of the TV, keeping me busy and quiet until the adults finished their adult-y talks. After hours and hours of watching The Care Bears movie over and over again, my mind would start to wander. (And yes, that one scene freaked me out every. Single. Time.)

Shiny. Sparkly. Full of magical mystery. The Easter basket seemed to call to me. As the official stereo-companion accessory, it sat there. All year-round. It puffed its cellophane chest at me, I stared haughtily, apathetically back. I had Care Bears, it had what, jelly beans? Hyper-realistic bunny-shaped marshmallows? Crinkly green grass? Pfft. I had seen better.

Yeah, right.

I had soooooo not seen better. Not by a long shot. So I asked, and I was rejected, about opening this wondrous basket. Nosireebob. This basket was only for display. Not for eating.

And as the law-abiding mini citizen that I was, I obeyed.

For a little while at least.

One day, while the Bears were being kidnapped again, I spied a tiny opening in the cellophane Keep Out wrapping. Woah. I glanced closer and saw that there was just enough space to stick my finger in.

So what do you think I did?

I stuck my finger in. Wiggled it around. And (!!!) touched the crinkly grass. It was as fluffy, as crinkly, and as green as I had imagined. Yes, colors could be touched. Duh. Then, I wiggled my finger in even more. I was just this close to reaching the fun-sized peanut butter cup.

I wiggled. Then wiggled some more. And maybe the tiny hole got just a bit bigger. And then I felt it. The peanut butter cup. Oh my goodness, the peanut butter cup. In the background, I could hear the adults talking about Mr. this and who’sitthat. The coast was clear.

I pushed forward just a bit more. And there it was. Pinched between two fingers, I held the ridged, foil wrapped, well, you know what. But if only the hole was bigger.

I had gone this far. It was too late to turn back. I grabbed that pb cup like the Care Bears’ lives depended on it. I twisted and pulled, and froze when I heard noise, and twisted and pulled again.



Yes. So. Much. Yes. That tiny cup was in my tiny hand. Everything was right in the world. And everything was just as confused. I felt equal parts guilty and excited and scared and exhilarated. Should I put it back? What if someone caught me? But the deed was done. There was no way that fun-sized candy was going back in the basket. The hole, OMG, that hole… it had somehow shrunken down to just slightly bigger than its original size. Who knows how the mini PB cup even came out to begin with?

Hours later, after we got home, and after my mom thought I was asleep, I pulled my flashlight out. I threw my blankets over my head, flicked on the light, and pulled the now slightly melty peanut butter cup out of my pocket. I held it like it was treasure hidden by the Knights Templar.

It was beautiful, all wrapped up in it’s shiny, speckled golden foil glory. And more importantly, it was delicious.

That night, I fell asleep with a big, guilty grin on my face. And chocolate everywhere. You’d be surprised about how much damage one mini pb cup can do.

And from that point on, whenever I visited my grandma’s house… well, I’ll leave that up to your imagination.

Years later, that basket was dumped and replaced by another basket. Then, finally, I got my own basket. Free to enjoy and everything. As an adult, I send treat baskets to my family every year—with no conditions, no cellophane and definitely no doilies.

After all, food is for enjoying. Not displaying. Right?

In honor of that mini pb cup, I’ve lovingly made something I think little me and little you would really like. And what adult you will LOVE: vegan chocolate chip cookie dough cups. Because, what would be better in chocolate cups than peanut butter?


If you’ve already devoted yourself to my chocolate chip cookie dough truffles, or you’re just about to, you’ll absolutely fall head over heels for these cookie dough cups.

These chocolate chip cookie dough cups are:

made from simple ingredients

perfect for satisfying your chocolate cravings

vegan, gluten free, and dairy free

perfect for cookie dough lovers

practically guilt-free indulgence

not hidden by cellophane and protected by doilies

So whatcha waiting for? Try these homemade-delicious vegan chocolate chip cookie dough cups and smile… like you just made off with a mini PB cup.

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Did someone say truffles? Try my Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Truffles (Vegan, Gluten Free, Dairy Free). Chocolate love, indeed.

What was your favorite treat to eat as a kid?

I can’t wait to hear your responses.

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