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Chicken Cacciatora

Chicken Cacciatora

Chicken Cacciatora

Such beautiful pictures! Love comfort food like this especially with fresh crusty bread… yum!

Crusty bread makes everything better.

Where does the wine go? I’m all about drinking it, but is it part of the marinade?

Yes, it’s the main ingredient in the marinade, Pam! I can’t believe I forgot to mention it!! I will correct asap. Thanks for pointing it out.

Making this tonight. I looks Devine. One question…is it 2 large cans of tomatoes or just 400 g? I may need to make a trip to the store.

Barbara, it’s 2 X 400 gr cans of tomatoes, so 800 gr in total. Enjoy!

Oh my gosh! This was so delicious. Thank you for your fast reply. I served it over spaetzle to soak up the yummy sauce. Since there is only two of us, I have a lot left over. My honey loved it.

So glad you enjoyed it, Barbara.:-)

Wowsers! this is yummilicious!

Thank you, Marina.

what kind of green olives did you use? are they the kind that usually have a piece of pimiento inside, or more like the ones that are found in oil in an olive bar? thanks, this looks amazing…..

These are probably more the kind you’d find in an olive bar although mine came from a jar. They are very large and quite firm green olives. However, any olives you love will work in this recipe, Michelle.

This was seriousky the best chicken cacciatore i have tasted. However, my chicken thighs did not look like the photo after marinating in red wine for six hours, they were quite dark. I patted them dry from the marinade before I dredged them in flour. I cooked this in a covered casserole about an hour and a half. Glad to have the rest of the bottle of wine to enjoy with dinner!

Jeanne, I am so glad you enjoyed this recipe. Your chicken was the right colour. The reason why my chicken didn’t look as dark was because when it was time to marinate late at night I realized that bottle of red wine in the cupboard was in fact a bottle of white wine, which I used! Having used both red and white wine in the past I can assure you the taste doesn’t vary too much, just the colour!

Was wanting to know, do you put a cover on the pan when putting in oven to finish cooking? Would like to make tonight, looks fabulous!!:)

I don’t cover it, Mitch, this way the chicken skin stays crisp.

Have you ever added mushrooms? If so, when did you add them & how did it taste?

I haven’t but I am sure you can add mushrooms if you like in the last 20 minutes of cooking. I love mushrooms but I don’t think this particular dish needs them.

i just made this but with a couple changes I used chicken tenders instead of pieces (I know, gasp!) So I halved the amount of tomatoes and anchovies, and I cooked everything on the stovetop (about 15 minutes once I added chicken back in). So good, thanks!

Sounds like you made a perfect quick meal, Michelle!! I love when people take the recipe and make it their own!!

It’s very nice what I hv seen it seems delicious from the first glance , so the second will be surly called (die for the plate) …hhh

Lately life’s been very busy to the point that I really, really want it to slow down but alas it’s not within my power. What is within my power however, is to simplify our dinners. Ideally, they should be all one pot meals- less prep, less clean-up. So I’ve been on a lookout for worthy recipes.

Chicken Cacciatora aka Pollo alla Cacciatora in Italian is well known outside of its country of origin but I can’t say it’s quite as tasty. Every time I’ve had it at an Italian restaurant in North America it tasted like a piece of fried chicken smothered in basic…read ‘bland”… marinara sauce which gave me an impression that all Italian food tasted the same. On my very first trip to Italy a few years ago I quickly learned that statement couldn’t be further from the truth.

Cacciatora is not just an extension of marinara sauce that’s been pimped up with some chicken. It has a taste of its own and a great one at that!

So why make it?

First of all, it’s delicious with surprising crisp on the chicken and mildly tangy tomato sauce infused with aromas of rosemary and garlic, rounded off with good old red wine. Secondly, it mostly cooks itself in the oven while you could be doing something much more interesting with your time. Those two reasons make it an amazing everyday meal option and a stunning dinner party idea.

Making Chicken Cacciatora involves 3 easy steps. Marinading it in red wine, rosemary, garlic. Browning it in olive oil.

Making the sauce. Listen up, friends, this sauce is oh so delicious. Promise me you will make it because you gotta. You just do. Promise? Alright, now I feel confident to reveal the secret ingredient. No, not olives seeing that they are in the picture below. The secret ingredient is anchovies. Don’t be scared, the sauce tastes NOTHING like fish. All anchovies do is add salt and complexity to the tomato sauce. They disintegrate into the sauce, so no one will even know they were there in the first place.

After you’ve done those 3 steps your job is done and your oven takes over. Just pop it in at 350F/180C for 1 hour and a beautiful mouthwatering chicken is ready.

Original article and pictures take http://vikalinka.com/2014/03/06/chicken-cacciatora site

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