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Avocado Salsa

Avocado Salsa

Avocado Salsa

: I swear this is what I lived off of for the whole 3-day Fourth of July weekend! With lots and lots to drinks to wash it down with! Whoops!

: Almost to perfect looking to eat, Jaclyn. Love this salsa!

: Bright and Tasty, just the way my family likes it. I also like that it is chunky instead of creamed.

: I’m with you about avocados, Jaclyn. I love avocado anything! What a great idea to combine guacamole and salsa. The dressing looks so good, too. Can’t wait to try this!

: This looks so good I could eat it off the screen! I LOVE avocados too!!!

: I lived off of avocados, too, the last whole week. I had not tried avocados for salads until a couple of weeks ago (I had firmly believed avocado is fruit and should be good just by itself) and immediately fell in love. I must try this recipe. Just a little question: I guess avocado is heat producing since I tend to get pimples on my face if I eat too much of it. Does this happen to you, too? :’)

: I could absolutely live off of this salsa, love the avocado addition!

: All I need is a spoon! I can eat this for days!

: This looks amazing, I love all the colours. I have some wraps that I’m sure going to use for some turkey & avocado salsa tacos ;)

: Beautiful and colorful salsa. Something new to go with the next taco night :)

: I could eat this all day long!

: I love avocados too! I’d be more than happy with this as my dinner :)

: […] Slightly adapted from Cooking Classy […]

: Coriander (as far as I know) is the seeds of a cilantro plant but on occasion cilantro can also be referred to as coriander. The flavor is quite different from parsley. You may be able to find it dried in the spice section of the grocery store and I would recommend using 1/3 the amount of that.

: Sorry unfortunately I don’t have that info.

: I would definitely recommend making this the day of.

: I am like you I could eat avocados every day. Printed and heading to the store now!

: Made this salsa today and love it!! I have a great love for avocados as well, so good! Thanks for sharing! I have added this to my own blog and mentioned your site in my writing, hope you don’t mind! It’s at

: I’m happy to hear that Kelly! Thanks for your feedback!

: This is the way my late great mom (from Mazatlan, Mexico) made her guacamole, except she would lightly mash the avocados – and without the olive oil and pepper.

: Can you make in advance and put in the fridge?

: Yes but not too far in advance as the avocado will begin to brown a little.

Have you noticed I seriously love avocados? I could eat them every day alongside just about anything. Okay, maybe not cupcakes and cookies, but you get the point. I even add them to my smoothie on occasion. So it only makes perfect sense that I post an avocado salsa recipe.

This is basically guacamole meets salsa. It has the flavors of guacamole but more of a texture similar to a chunky salsa. I could sit here and describe how amazing it is to you but it’s just one of those things you’ll have to try for yourself. To give you an idea of how much I liked it, let’s just say it pretty much ruined my dinner plans. I made chicken tacos but then before dinner I sat down to eat this, and I ate so much I wasn’t even hungry for dinner in the slightest. Oh well, it was definitely worth it! I started out eating it with chips but it was just so good I ditched the chips and ate it by the spoonful. And I don’t feel guilty about it because just look at all the healthy ingredients in the recipe. Fresh, nutrient packed ingredients. You are going to love this!



6 medium roma tomatoes (20 oz), seeded and diced

1 cup chopped red onion, chopped

1 large or 2 small jalapeños, seeded and chopped (1/4 cup. Leave seeds if you like heat)

3 medium avocados, semi-firm but ripe, peeled, cored and diced

1 clove garlic, finely minced

1/2 tsp salt (more or less to taste as desired)

1/2 cup loosely packed cilantro leaves, chopped


Place red onion in a strainer or sieve and rinse under cool water to remove harsh bite. Drain well. Add to a mixing bowl along with diced tomatoes, jalapeños and avocados.

In a separate small mixing bowl whisk together olive oil, lime juice, garlic, salt and pepper until mixture is well blended. Pour mixture over avocado mixture, add cilantro then gently toss mixture to evenly coat. Serve with tortilla chips or over Mexican entrees.

Recipe Source: Cooking Classy

Original article and pictures take http://www.cookingclassy.com/2014/07/avocado-salsa site

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