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7 Things That Save My Camping Trips

7 Things That Save My Camping Trips

7 Things That Save My Camping Trips

Every summer, my husband and I pack our car, drive to a campsite, pitch our tent, and await nature-laden bliss. Instead of finding bliss, we’ve had our share of mishaps: one time, the “Most Anticipated Breakfast Ever” slid off our camp stove into the dirt; another time, an unexpected barrage of storms flattened our tent and flooded our campsite, forcing us to sleep in our sweltering car. I could go on.

How do I adapt to these camping mishaps? With preparation and a good sense of humor (dirt-infused omelets don’t taste so bad!).

Here are seven things I’d never go car camping without:

1. Comfy Camp Chairs

A camp chair is my place of reprieve and relaxation, especially when the ground is wet and icky. The best part about these camp chairs is that they recline, so you can take a nap—another tried-and-true relaxation method.

2. Hand Warmers

Have you ever lain awake on a frigid night, listening to the sound of your chattering teeth? Not fun. Which is why I keep a pack of hand warmers close by. This hand and body warming set comes with warmers for your hands, toes, and body that last up to 18 hours.

3. Good Coffee

I bring along my best ground coffee, because starting your day with good coffee sets a positive tone. This porcelain pour over is perfect for making one or two cups.

4. Cooking Tools for Camping

Cooking food on a stick is fun. But it’s not always efficient when the food drops in the fire or dirt (you can’t camp “hangry!”). For this reason, I never go car camping without a supply of cooking tools that are actually made for camping.

5. A Sturdy Cooler

Being able to eat really well is one of the best things about car camping. Investing in a made-for-the-outdoors cooler keeps the essentials—like cheese, chocolate, and coffee creamer—deliciously cold.

6. Bug Repellent

Bloodthirsty bugs are a buzzkill. That’s why I wear bug repellent at all times. I’ve also seen campers enclose their dining area with outdoor screens. Camping trip and bug bites: saved!

7. First-Aid Kit

Thankfully, I’ve never had to use my first-aid kit. But it’s still one of the first things I pack. Knowing I have it, just in case, helps me worry less, so I can have more fun!

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