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4 Ingredient Mashed Sweet Potatoes with Brown Butter and Brown Sugar

4 Ingredient Mashed Sweet Potatoes with Brown Butter and Brown Sugar

4 Ingredient Mashed Sweet Potatoes with Brown Butter and Brown Sugar

Sounds like you had a wonderful, and busy, Halloween!! Our neighborhood doesn’t get any trick-or-treaters, so it was very low key here. Anyways, these mashed sweet potatoes look phenomenal!! Brown butter + brown sugar + sweet potatoes = HEAVEN. Seriously, I could eat the entire bowl of these mashed ‘taters! SO GOOD! Pinned! Cheers and thanks for sharing the yum!

What is with the no trick-or-treaters?? I don’t get it! Thanks so much Cheyanne!

These 4 Ingredient Brown Butter and Brown Sugar Mashed Sweet Potatoes would make the perfect addition to your Thanksgiving menu! Quick, easy, and SO delicious!

We’re exactly one day out from Halloween, and I’m already on to Thanksgiving — food-wise. Although, there’s really only like three weeks until the big day, so actually, in the blog world, I’m basically late to the party.

But, before I delve in to today’s Thanksgiving goodies, how was your Halloween?? Fun? Scary? Exhausting?

Ours was pretty great. We started the day with a nice late sleep (8:30!), got part of dinner prepared, trick-or-treated at Daddy’s office, went to lunch with Daddy, napped (while I prepped more dinner), went to our little neighborhood trick-or-treat gathering, did some more trick-or-treating, and then had a nice quiet night with some friends and family.

It was quite lovely, but can I complain about one thing for a second? What happened to good old-fashioned trick-or-treating?? Our neighborhood is full of young families, so I’d estimate that approximately 80% of the homes are full of children, yet almost no one trick-or-treats door-to-door. Everyone goes up to the neighborhood shopping area and the kids trick-or-treat at all the stores, where there is an enormous line just to get a few pieces of candy.

We went up this year to see what all the fuss was about and just kind of walked around since Teddy clearly isn’t old enough to actually trick-or-treat, and any candy that we accepted would obviously be going in to our bellies instead of Teddy’s. It was mayhem, and I’m just not sure I’m on board with it. I vote to bring the old way back…

Anyways, that’s just my two cents; we will now address the most creamy, nutty, perfect FOUR INGREDIENT mashed sweet potatoes.

I don’t have too much to say about these, as I think the pictures speak for themselves, but they’re ridiculously easy, and brown butter adds this perfectly nutty, savory, richness to the mashed sweet potatoes that compliments them perfectly. They’re the perfect substitute for those tasty, but super heavy sweet potato casseroles and soufflés, and just a touch more refined, in my opinion.

This my friends, is just the beginning of the Thanksgiving prep. The next three weeks are going to be jam-packed with sides, desserts, and other goodies perfect for your dinner table!

Original article and pictures take http://www.cookingforkeeps.com/2016/11/01/four-ingredient-mashed-sweet-potatoes-brown-butter-brown-sugar site

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