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30 Minute Chicken Noodle Soup

30 Minute Chicken Noodle Soup

30 Minute Chicken Noodle Soup

It’s so rainy and dreary here today, I need this soup desperately. It looks super similar to the version that my Mom makes (which is also my favorite!), so I know I’m going to love this recipe!

Chicken soup is so comforting! It’s finally getting cool here and I could really go for a big bowl of soup right about now!

Chicken noodle soup is my all-time favorite! When I was little, that was all I would eat. And today, I still crave it, especially when the weather gets cold. Love your 30 minute version, Stacey! Looks SO good!

This 30 minute chicken noodle soup is perfect with either chicken or turkey, is super fast and easy to make, and will be a family favourite for sure!

Or turkey noodle soup. I’m not picky, I’ll make soup out of whichever leftovers I have, it’s all good!

But the recipe I use for either of them is the same so I’ll just go with chicken noodle soup since it’s a bit more common (I think).

This is the soup I make every single time I cook a whole turkey and end up with never ending leftovers.

Don’t get me wrong, I adore turkey leftovers. But when you always buy the biggest turkey you can find in order to have said leftovers, and only have a family of five….there’s a lot of leftovers. Even when we invite people to join us for the turkey dinner part, there’s still boatloads of leftovers. And even though I would happily eat the turkey dinner night after night for a week until it’s gone, other people in this house don’t agree with me that that’s a terrific plan. It’s baffling.

So soup. Chicken noodle soup. Turkey noodle soup. They’re both delicious – especially when you start with homemade chicken stock (or turkey stock, obviously). Which you definitely made from the bones of the turkey or chicken that you have leftovers from, right?

This is one of those meals that I am so happy I found my go-to recipe for. I have tried a lot of chicken noodle soup recipes, and they were all good, just never perfect. This one is perfect – for us at least! You can obviously adapt it to your tastes, changing up the veggies or noodles to have your favourites in there.

I make this with my homemade chicken stock, which is full of flavour, so I don’t add any more seasoning into the soup besides some salt and pepper when serving it. So if you’re using a different chicken broth, make sure you like the flavour of it, or you won’t be happy with the soup!

We love this 30 minute chicken noodle soup – one of our favourite recipes to make with leftover chicken (or just because it’s cold and we want soup – I’ve included instructions for making it without pre-cooked chicken as well). It’s a perfect meal for 30 Minute Thursday this month – quick, easy and a family favourite.

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